What are Some Home Business Opportunities for Moms?

Running a business from home can be time-consuming. However, there are many options out there for moms who want to be commercially active while spending time with their children. This article lists some great business opportunities for moms that can help you generate revenue from the comfort of your home  


Bloggers can work whenever they are free and write about anything they want. Some potential blog topics for mom bloggers could be parenting tips or family adventures. If you’re a good writer, you might be able to land revenue from advertising. You can also work as a freelancer, offering your writing services to publications or other blogs.  

Child Care Services 

As a mom, you can transform your caring experience into a child care service by launching daycare in your home. Just make sure you have enough room and take measures to keep children from getting ill.

Social Media Manager 

Moms who have knowledge of social media can work as managers of social media accounts. 

Event Planner 

As a mom, you can enjoy a flexible schedule as an event planner. In this role, you can help people organize team building sessions, corporate retreats, weddings, and numerous other events. 

Selling Handmade Products 

Amazon, Etsy, and other eCommerce platforms let people work from home making your own handmade items and selling them to clients worldwide.  


Moms who are good at baking can create a business where they sell baked goods to local shops or bake specific items for events.  
Selling Handmade Products

ECommerce Reseller 

To have an eCommerce business, you don’t have to make products by hand. You can also buy products and resell them on Amazon and similar platforms. 

Flea Market Vendor 

Are there any flea markets in your area? Why not try selling goods there? You can work in such markets when you have spare time or sell your wares regularly. 


Moms can start a catering business, which will allow them to take on clients or events as their schedules permit. 

Portrait Photographer 

Portrait photographers have relatively flexible schedules too. This type of job allows you to do editing work from home and schedule clients in your free time.  

Event Photographer

Event photographers can edit from home on weekdays and take photos on holidays and weekends.


Moms who like teaching can start a home business giving private lessons to children or adults in various practical areas or academic disciplines. 


Moms can work from home and enjoy a flexible schedule by offering authors, businesses, or individuals proofreading services.

Resume Service Provider  

You can help young people entering the workforce put together cover letters or resumes for job applications.

Lawn Care and Gardening 

Many people need lawn care and gardening tips and services. If you have experience in this field, you can generate an income by offering some basic services. You could also offer gardening to people who need help in maintaining their outdoor spaces. If you enjoy the outdoors, it’ll be an added bonus.  

Gift Basket Services

Putting together custom baskets for special occasions or presents is a very viable home business opportunity. If that’s something you’d enjoy doing, go for it!

Graphic Designer 

Moms with some experience in graphic design can offer their services to clients who need help preparing marketing materials, logos, and other branding elements.

Web Design 

Do you have skills or expertise in web design? A tech-savvy mom can create a business by providing such services to individuals or businesses that need help making a website.

House Painting

Painting is easy to learn and fun. It’s also a flexible business, where moms can take on work as their schedule permits or as needed.

Group Organizer

Moms can start their own membership club or group or create a business planning their own events. 

Grant Writer 

A home grant writing business has lots of potential. It’s also a very useful job because you help different organizations acquire funding. You can work with the organizations of your choice, supporting those whose causes you like.


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